Tabung Haji

Lembaga Tabung Haji is the Malaysian pilgrims funds board and helps facilitate savings for pilgrimage to Mecca for the Muslim community. Winshield has since provided Lembaga Tabung Haji with our patented ASWF films, helping them maintain a cool interior temperature by reflecting UV rays and heat from exterior conditions, thus reducing the use of air conditioning. This will help cut their electricity usage in a bid to become greener.


Fairview International

First established in 1978, Fairview International School has since branched into 4 new locations on top of its headquarters located in Ampang. In a bid to create a more comfortable educational environment for the leaders of tomorrow, Fairview International School has opted for high quality window tinting by Winshield to reduce glare and temperatures in classrooms so students can study better with less distraction.


Ben's Independent Grocer

Established as a spot for patrons to eat, drink, and stop, Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G) had Winshield’s solar security film installed on their glass panes. Patrons have since been able to enjoy up to 99% UV ray rejection for a cooler environment and shatterproof protection when they are at B.I.G.


Sis & Co

Sis & Co is Petaling Jaya’s hip cafe that runs inside an ex-factory space with all-round glass windows for natural lighting, creating a spacious and gorgeous environment. However, the heat make patrons uncomfortable so Winshield’s commercial window film was applied to cut UV rays and exterior heat. Now customers can dine while enjoying a glare-free and comfortable cafe environment with friends and family in a cooling environment all day long.


Damansara Foresta

Located within the lush greeneries of Bandar Sri Damansara, all Damansara Foresta units - including offices, guardhouses, and homes - were offered a range of Winshield residential window tints for a clean, consistent, and comfortable outlook throughout its project. This creates an aesthetically pleasing environment within its township that’s been expected to complete in the near future.


Grind 22

This popular cafe-hideout in Bangsar has an attractive glass-covered alfresco area for patrons to enjoy a coffee day out, but patrons have found it too warm to linger under the hot sun. Following Winshield’s range of professional window tinting over the roof, this area has become noticeably cooler and there is less glare for the patrons of Grind 22, making it the next best coffee hang out spot for coffee lovers everyday.